Into the Night

Into the Storm,

Going head first.

No turning back,

But fearing the worse.

Always the black sheep,

I never fit in.

Trying to do the right thing,

But I could never win.

Racking my brain,

Where did I go wrong?

Begging for your acceptance,

But you’re so headstrong.

I wish I knew what goes on in your brain,

Not listening to reason,

And feeling no shame,

For the way things have turned out.

All I ever wanted

Was for you to be proud of me.

Somehow I failed you,

No chances left to be.

Despite it all,

I will never stop

Doing the right thing,

Doing what’s right,

Even though we have come

Face to face

With the night. ©



Once upon a time,

Or so the story goes.

Caught between the girl I used to be

And what I have become.

Longing even,

For those carefree days

Before feigned love

Seared my soul

And sought to control

The Me I always was.

Me-an anomaly.

Deep down I am still there,

Though forces try to keep me subdued.

Cold souls.

Then I notice the Daffodils,

Beautiful, vibrant, persistent

Glimpses of Spring,

Extremely tolerant of cold.

Reminding me that

The me I used to be

Is likewise bursting forth,

Chasing the cold away.

As the sun and hints of summer

Burst forth in my innermost being,

Searing the doubt, the pain, the gloom.

To a “happily ever after”

Where I-“me” can shatter the ice,

Love myself again,

And once again bloom.



Stephanie  ©