Keepin’ It Short and Sweet

I appreciate all of you who took the time to respond here or on social media. It seems that I have gotten more positive feedback than negative-at least from those of you who dared to comment. There will always be naysayers, that is just life. I like to think that we are all adults who can agree to disagree and not take things personally.

The question was not “how can I change my blog,” It was “Is it worth continuing.” I like to read- a lot. Sometimes it’s nice to know that I am not alone in my thoughts. I will not change who I am. I spent too many years of my life trying to be a people pleaser. Take me or leave me at face value. I have to live with me, you don’t. That being said, I will now and forevermore be true to myself first. Nothing worse than living a lie and being fake with others.

We crazy runners are known to push the limits in running and in life. To me, that is living life to the fullest. If that offends you, don’t waste your time reading my blog. If you allow yourself to be offended, that is your problem, not mine. Perhaps there are bigger issues in your life that you need to work through.

With that being said, I have chosen to continue. For those of you who have been positive and encouraging, I thank you. If something has made you think beyond the box, it is all worth it!

“Adversity is often short lived. Giving up is what makes it permanent.”–Gail Pyne

Hope to see you out on the road or trail and encourage each other along the way!




This, That, and Whatever!

So many things to talk about and not enough time!!! How is everyone? Please leave a comment and let me know. My blog expires in 5 days. Please let me know if you get ANYTHING out of it and would like me to continue. I get paid $O.for this blog. It is more of an outlet for the many thoughts that run through my brain and I hope to inspire SOMEONE with the content. That being said, it COSTS me to continue. But I will if enough of you think I should.

I love to hear the birds sing outside. Am I weird? Does anyone else enjoy this too? Since this may very well may be my last blog, I’m going to lay it all out here. Do you know what I hate most in life? I most hate fake people-you know, the kind who are friendly to your face but talk about you behind your back kind of people. And I mean talk about you in not a good way. This can even be family members. Most church people I have found, fall into this category. With them it is disguised as “fellowship” or “prayer requests.” I’m not talking about true blue Christians, but church going fakes. There are a lot of them. I used to be one of them, lol!


I miss some aspects of my youth. Holding my grandmother’s hand and walking to the store. It seemed like such a long way to walk. I miss the simple things in life like just talking to people face to face. There was absolutely no such thing as “social media” in the 70s!  What have we become as a society? Family members hide behind a keyboard & texting has become the accepted way to communicate. That is so sad to me.

I also hate “obligatory gifts.” You know the kind-the quick “run into Wal-Mart because it is this day or that day sort of gift.A simple call once in awhile would suffice. Flowers die. Oh but Stephanie-it’s the THOUGHT that matters! Exactly! Not much THOUGHT went into that “hurry up, obligatory gift.!” Why do people spend so much time trying to impress others? The façade can only last so long. Sadly, some have perfected the façade. At the end of the day, when there is no one but you and your conscience, you will always be a miserable person because you know that you have done wrong. Keeping up a façade is hard work.


The love of dogs: Dogs are smart. They know how to “train” their masters. Dogs will not starve to death. They will eventually eat what is put down for them if they get hungry enough. Yet, we always want to attribute human characteristics to canines. They look at you with “those eyes” and oh. my. god. Pulease feel sorry for them! Leave the damn dry food down for them and they will eventually eat it! They are great companions and know when to die. We stupid humans are the ones who keep them alive for our own selfishness. Sad to say, this goes on with human beings too.

Do you want to know what the problem with healthcare really is? Go and observe at a buffet. Human gluttony at is finest! No personal responsibility exists much these days. The “I want to do as I want to do then expect the medical world to fix me” mentality has got to stop! The entitlement mentality has got to go! No one, absolutely no one, owes you anything! And for shit’s sake, stop listening to the news and all of the propaganda! Get educated! Think for yourself! 12963402_10205448781409446_2460976231155154477_n

Nurses are people too. We get tired, we get hungry, and we have to pee. Yet so MUCH falls on our shoulders. We do NOT have control over when the physician will see you. We CANNOT tell you the results of your tests. We are NOT waitresses that can get coffee for all 15 of your family members who decide to show up! We do NOT make up the questions that we have to ask you on admission. In fact we HATE asking most of them. I’m sorry that you think they are stupid and unnecessary, but guess what? I think it’s STUPID that you don’t even know what medications you take! PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY PEOPLE!!! I wish I had a $100.00 for every time a patient stated, “It should be all there in the computer.” Well guess what? It isn’t always accurate, especially if it has been a few months since you’ve been to the hospital. We also do NOT know when you will get a room. You came to US remember? We did NOT go out searching for you. Yet, you’re getting the help you need & the treatment you need at the time,even though it may not be the most luxurious accommodations, so shut the HELL up! Yet we continue to give service with a smile and treat you like royalty.


On running: It does not ruin your knees, blow out your back or give you heart failure, but guess what does? Being overweight, having diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, having a sedentary lifestyle, eating CRAP, smoking, poor dental hygiene, and NOT following your prescribed regimen and/or not taking your medication! I am always amazed how patients cannot pay for their $4.00 prescription but continue to buy cigarettes! Pardon me if I do not cry for you Cleopatra! The sob stories – ad nauseum! I have said it before, and I’ll say it again. If it is running that kills me, I shall die a happy person who has lived a full, active life…and able to fit in an airplane/amusement park seat.


So I shall close with this: Who were you before the world told you who you should be? Why aren’t you acting on those dreams and goals? Quit making excuses and start living, because dying is inevitable!

Your feedback is important to me. Please let me know in the next day or so. That being said, if this is the end…hope to see you out on the road or trails!!!


For the Love of the Run

Wow, it is May 4! Just another day to many of us. Second month of the second quarter and the weather has been a little schizophrenic. I like it HOT. In fact- the hotter, the better. Screw those cold weather runs! Actually, the low 50s is sort of a runner “sweet spot” but I cool down very quickly and get cold rather easily. At any rate, I will run in whatever weather if my running family is out there too.

I love running. No other way to put it, pure and simple! There is nothing I would rather do in my idle time, and when you get to do it with others, it is all the sweeter. Don’t misunderstand, I enjoy my solo runs as well. In fact, they make up the bulk of my running. It just makes the time with others all that more awesome. It is a community of commonness, a fellowship of perseverance. We’re all out there for the common goal of competing with no one other than ourselves in pursuit of pushing ourselves to the limit.

As much as I love running and what it has done for my health, body, and mind, I love that it has brought people into my life that I would have otherwise never met. They just “get it.” By “it” I mean the struggles-battling injuries, trying to get faster while not getting injured, getting the nutrition “just right,” wearing the correct shoe for your gait, pace, racing, body lube, recovery…the list goes on & on! Struggles…THEY GET IT!

They also get it when you talk about the time when you first finished a 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon, & ultra marathon. They relive the ecstasy of a new “PR” even if it is just by a few seconds, and they rejoice with you. They are the people with the most “intestinal fortitude” on earth! If I was stranded on an island, I would want runners with me. We don’t give up and we don’t give in. We persevere to the end.

To all of my running family past and present: I want to tell you how grateful I am for you. I watch you, I admire you, I feel your pain when you have to take time off for an injury or illness. I get it when you get in a “rut.” I get pissed at you when you talk negatively about your run and that you “only” did 4 miles, or that you “only” had a 9:48 pace. We are all built differently and we all have “off” days. You all are phenomenal. It brings me great joy and pleasure to run with you, even if it is just in passing and we give each other a “high five” or whether we are just acquaintances via social media. Don’t ever underestimate yourselves or give up on your dreams.

We were passionately destined to meet. We are family…we are runners!

Hope to see you out on the road or trails,


“I learned that if you want it bad enough, no matter how bad it is, you can make it.” -Gale Sayers