Just a Little Friday Rant

On Politics:  Oh my goodness, have we ever been more inundated with pros and cons on the refugee situation than in this past week? I agree that there is a huge issue with the problem at hand. However, NO ONE is going to sway me with their cute little memes or guilt trips on all of the children. Remember, the Boston bomber was nine years old when he came to this country. I see the plight of both sides. I don’t see the point of hashing it out on social media. We all have our reasons for believing what we do.

On Customer Service: Where is it these days? Many of my experiences are sub-par to say the least. No one seems to care or give a flying flip that I walk in the store & need assistance. When I ask for assistance, they act like it is such a burden to help me & most of the time do not have a clue as to what I am needing anyhow. A LOT of these are younger people. Now before you chop my head off, see below.

On Brats: Whilst on a trip to Minnesota last month, I stayed at a hotel that had a pool. After having traveled over 400 miles, I thought getting in the pool would be a great way to unwind and prepare for the race the next day. At the pool were over 15 screaming adolescent girls & a couple of boys. The acoustics inside made the whole place echo. It was like being in an insane asylum. Now I am not opposed to kids having fun. I was a kid once. The few parents that were lounging at the tables by the pool seemed to not care that the noise was like nails down a chalk board. However, they were doing very little to corral these little imps as they ran around the pool shoving each other in and tormenting the poor boys. It was unbearable to even sit in the hot tub and when a few of the tyrants got in, it was incredulous how the parents just sat there and watched as their little entitled brats did as they pleased-throwing cups of water & using up all of the towels.

sayings 5

On Bad Parenting:  (See above). My mother is 77 years young and works as a cashier in a small grocery store. She has been in the grocery business all of her life. She has a high work ethic. She catches a lot of shop lifters. She turns a lot of “bad checks” in to the police. She takes pride in her work. A mother with teenage kids came in last night and the little brats thought that they could just run through the store and throw merchandise around. My mother told them to stop-they didn’t. She told their mother that they needed to grow up. The mother in turn stated that she was going to “turn my mother in to the owner because she (the customer) attended his church,” (ad nauseum). My mother phoned the owner to give her side. He stated, “Well, you can’t tell people how to raise their kids.” He is a jerk as far as I’m concerned and a  “bosshole.” I told my mother to turn a deaf ear & eye to all that may happen from this day forth. If bosshole asks why she doesn’t stop something, I told her to reply, “We can’t tell people how to live their lives.” And we wonder what is wrong with this country.

On Bad Behavior:   “Just because a mouse lives in a cookie jar, doesn’t make it a mouse.” That is a quote I heard from the movie “The Hiding Place” when Corrie Ten Boom was referring to Christians who profess themselves as such, but behave entirely the opposite (See above, aka bosshole). What’s in a name. I’d rather sit with a bunch of honest sinners than “fellowship” with a bunch of self-righteous “saints.” Don’t get me wrong, my eldest son is a youth pastor. I am not opposed to attending a church or Christians. I choose to not attend a formal church. That does not define my relationship with Christ. He knows my heart, my motives, and intentions. Living this life is an every moment intentional way of living, not a once a week guilt trip & feel good experience (my opinion of course).

On Fake People:  Social Media is a great platform to connect with people, do business, and just plain have fun. Like many other things, it has replaced so much of what used to be the “norm.” For instance, I was taught to send “thank you” cards to people when receiving a gift or favor. Snail mail is almost a lost art. Yes, one can thank through email, e-message, etc., but it doesn’t really have that personal flair that hand writing a note does. People can redefine themselves through social media also. What you see is not necessarily what you get. It amazes me what people believe. They will believe direct messages from random strangers who have chosen to bash someone’s character. This is disturbing. I choose to do my own private investigating and use People Finders online quite frequently. You may be surprised at what you turn up! My motto: “Trust no one until they have proven themselves to be trustworthy.” If they appear too good to be true, they usually are. More on that concept in another blog.

Conclusion:  With all of that being said. I still believe in the goodness of most people. There are those few who, like the rotten apple in the barrel, “spoil the whole bunch.” There are well behaved children because there are parents who care enough to make them mind. There are great places to shop and eat where the customer really does “come first.” There are true Christ like people amongst us who walk their talk. There are other wonderful people who are just beautiful spirits who do not profess any faith/religion. Finally, there are great, wonderful people on all forms of social media who use it in a positive way to build others up instead of tearing them down.



“To the prideful, it doesn’t matter what they did or to whom they did it to, or where they’ll end up. To them it only matters that, ‘I did it my way.'”- Max Lucado

Until We Meet Again,



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  1. I could not agree more with bad parenting and brats. It seems like as a new generation of parents come through the respect they demand from their child is less and less. Being 36 i blame my generation for a lot of the problems. We are the generation of entitlement and it has trickled down to our children.

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