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Well Hello There! October is marching right along and here it is the 18th already! My Grandmother used to say that time goes faster as you get older and I now know that to be true!

I had originally had written down some thoughts that were probably more venting than anything and I do want to try to keep things more upbeat-at least for now. My focus has changed since I have gotten older and some things are just not worth the trouble to prove a point. So maybe next time I will talk about bratty kids, obesity and skinny shaming, lol! (Is it ok to use “lol” in a format other than a text or tweet? I don’t know…lol)!


Have you ever had a random thought about someone from your past or that you met briefly? That happens to me a lot and I often wonder if I have ever crossed their mind. Like my best friend back in fourth grade who moved away to Minnesota. I never heard from her again. Then there are the myriads of brief acquaintances over my lifetime who made an impression on me in some way.

The cool thing about the running community is that if you run a lot of races or attend the expos, volunteer, or just spectate, you will run into these folks again and again. I had one such experience this past weekend at the Kansas City Marathon. On Friday, 10/16/15, I volunteered at packet pickup from 1:30pm to 5:30pm but was redirected to the computers to look up runners and print off their “receipt” to pick up their packet. During slow times I chatted with a gentleman next to me. (There is a really dumb part I must confess to at the end of this scenario). We talked about running and such and he asked me if I ran very many marathons. I smiled and  told him 3-4 per year and that KC was my very first marathon back in 2011.  I then proceeded to ask him if he had ever done KC and he answered in the affirmative that it was also his first in 1997 and his last in 2012. So as any curious person would, I then asked how many he had done. When he told me “100” I nearly fell out of my chair! Part of that number was all 50 states and 6 countries-wow, just wow! Do you think I picked his brain about his favorites? Of course I did silly! In case you want to know his fav country was France and his fav in the states was NYC. He ran his last marathon in the same place it all began, and with his son. I LOVE that story!

Now are you ready for the really DUMB part? Are you SURE? Okay (she says with a crimson red face), I DIDN’T EVEN ASK HIS NAME! Wth! (ha, ha, did it again-text speak in a blog)! I suppose we both were just caught up in the busyness with the after work crowd & replacing the paper in the printer…an easy job (inside joke). I did one thing right and at least got a picture.

Me & the 100 Marathon Man
Me & the 100 Marathon Man

Cool story huh? Well okay, I thought it was. You never know who you may rub elbows with over the love of running. I roamed around the expo a bit when my tenure was over and got myself back home to watch my beloved KC Royals.

I had the privilege of working the medical tent the day of the marathon. This was a new experience for me and another very cool opportunity to connect with my peers in the medical field. I arrived a little early with about 30 minutes to kill before my shift, so it afforded me the opportunity to watch runners cross the finish line of the half marathon.

I stood about a tenth of the way up before runners made that glorious crossing. Finish lines are an emotional thing for runners…at least for this runner (me, myself, & I). The grit, the determination, that final push to get there, all of the training finally coming to fruition. It is a beautiful thing. To be able to witness that on so many faces was exhilarating for me.

Nearing the Finish!
Nearing the Finish!

On to the med tent I went to work from 0930 to 1:30pm. There were a lot of cramping folks come in and fortunately nothing too serious. Remember those people from the past I spoke of earlier? There was a nurse I had not seen for many years (also named Stephanie) volunteering also. We had worked together as floor RNs around 2007ish. She had briefly crossed my mind within the past few months, as I always wonder what happened to those nurses that leave. We had a good time catching up, icing legs, and eating the catered chick-fil-a sandwiches!

Stuffing My Face
Stuffing My Face

Another thrill for me was getting to see two of my Sunday Runday group finish the marathon. I insisted that one come lie down in the med tent as he was looking a little wobbly after he finished. So proud of both of them as they both got a PR and Richard qualified for Boston. Hopefully we will both be there 2017.

Mitchell & Richard #Beasts
Mitchell & Richard #Beasts

Many things have changed for me in the past couple of months. There were days that I felt I couldn’t go on and that I had lost my best friend. Those days are getting fewer and far between now. Running has kept me sane. The running community has given me hope. Life goes on despite rejection and disappointments. I heard somewhere that life can make you bitter or better. I choose better.

“No one can go back and make a brand new start. However, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.”-Unknown

Until we meet again,


6 Thoughts

  1. How many times do we get to rub shoulders with those who have done amazing things and not ever met them again. Too bad you didn’t get his name but it sounds like he had an impression on you. Those times of inspiration can be amazing.

  2. Running has allowed me to meet so many amazing people, and like you half the time I forget to get their name. This weekend I ran a race and a woman screamed my name, I walk over and we start talking like we are old friends. I never met this lady in person but we talk a lot on Twitter. It was so great to talk and finally meet her. I love going to a race and seeing old friends and making new ones. Even though you didn’t get the mans name at least you got the experience and pleasure of conversing with him

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