Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn & A Revised Life

Hope you like my new format. Can you guess my favorite color?

In The Zone

Have you ever had those times in your life when you were driving to your destination and suddenly you are there but don’t recall much of the drive?  Kind of freaky isn’t it? I have those times when I am out running as well. Those are the times when I am “in the zone” as a runner. They really are wonderful times as the miles fly by.

In The Zone
In The Zone

When The Past Was A Delusion

Delusion: 1. An idiosyncratic belief or impression that is firmly maintained despite being contradicted by what is generally accepted as reality or rational argument. 2. The action of deluding someone or the state of being deluded. (Google Search). My recent past has seemed sort of surreal. I like to think that I am an eternal optimist, but sometimes that can get me into trouble. Genuinely good people can be deluded by those who have self interest at heart. I have recently thought, “How did I get here?” Despite a crappy hiccup in my life’s journey, there were amazing times & lessons learned.

Amazing Times

These times included: qualifying & running the Boston Marathon, learning to kayak, running my 1st fifty miler, running 40 miles on a treadmill (not so fun, but I proved myself to myself), getting a PR in the 1/2 marathon (1:48 & some change), qualifying for & joining Half Fanatics, PR for a 5k (23:11 & some change), qualifying for Boston again unexpectedly, and giving my son in marriage to a wonderful girl. I also discovered how wonderful my co-workers were in my times of distress. I also discovered that the running community for the most part, are wonderful, helpful, encouraging people. I knew that already to a point, but getting to know more of them solidified my opinion.

First 50 Miler
First 50 Miler
Hapoy Couple
Happy Couple

Lessons Learned:

1. If you set your mind to do something and you want it bad enough, it can be done. Most people do not want to put in the work and sacrifice to accomplish their dreams. They delude themselves into thinking that it will come without much effort & someone else will pick up the slack.

2. Divorce is painful under the best of circumstances. Even when it has been a long time coming. Remaining friends is bittersweet.

3. There are predators everywhere who do not have your best interest in mind. Being a trusting person opens oneself up to being used. Believe me when I say that you overlook (are deluded ) a LOT of things when someone plays with your heart. The cruelty of people can be unfathomable at times. Be careful of those who portray a façade to the world. Don’t get sucked in.

Allow Yourself To Be Human
Allow Yourself To Be Human

Here are some resources for those of you who are with a questionable person or have been emotionally abused:

Ross Rosenberg on YouTube

So Here I Am

Life is an amazing adventure full of ups & downs, triumph and heartache. Mistakes do not define me. In running and in life-one foot in front of the other until I get to the finish line! Each day is a new beginning to improve & another chance to become more self aware. Is my guard up to a degree? Absolutely! I just keep setting goals for myself & dream big. I have 2 races on the calendar & am planning to do my first 100 miler in 2016. Hopefully grandbabies will be in the near future.

Here is a perfect poem for my life right now that I found on the “Golden Mirror” website

Release your ties to what once was.
When on the past you dwell,
By clinging to a distant cause,
It forms a binding spell.

Forget about what’s in the past,
For yesterday is gone.
Don’t center on what’s laid to rest.
Just look at what needs done.

Prefer delete above reverse.
The focus you present
Can break the paralyzing curse.
The future will enchant.

By letting go of times gone by,
It’s worry and concern,
And looking with an onwards eye,
The magic will return

~ Jerry Corstens

Until We Meet Again,


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