The Boston Experience (motivation version)

So it has been a month since the Boston Marathon-the most coveted marathon in these United States. The experience was phenomenal, the weather abominable.  You know how you get that picture in your mind about how you think things area suppose to be?  Yeah, you know-how you think things are suppose to work out, end, be, start, finish, complete, fulfill you, complete you, challenge you, be that all climacteric event of life? You don’t know? Well then, exit this blog & read some “feel goody” blog. First of all, what I must state emphatically is that the “joy is in the journey.”  It took me 7 years, a lot of sweat, body aches, heartache, and overcoming naysayers to even qualify for Boston.  I set out on this journey in 2007 and knew in my heart of hearts that I would make it. I have overcome much in life and I don’t intend on stopping now- 2014 was the pivotal year in which I PR’d every race I did & FINALLY got my Boston qualifying time!  I chose to never give up in the midst of injuries, negativity from others, and self-doubt at times.  With every race I finished, I became more confident. Even with the crappy races and less than stellar finishing times, I chose to never give up. ALL of those experiences gave me confidence that I had the wherewithal to meet my goals and dreams.  Time and perseverance paid off.

Keep Moving Forward
Keep Moving Forward

Did I want to give up at times? You betcha I did. Seemed at times I was taking two steps forward, three steps back.  But I am NOT a quitter!  I may have to remove myself from toxic situations, but I NEVER quit or give up on myself!  People really suck at times. They can try to make you feel less than, play mind games, and try to drag you down to their level…don’t let them!!!  Your journey is YOUR journey!  YOU are the captain of your ship! But I digress. Boston as I stated earlier was a WONDERFUL experience.  The expo, the run with Bart & Deena, the ambience of the event, the excitement…it was ALL wonderful!  Did I have my BEST race? No, I did not. I finished 18 minutes slower than what I needed to requalify.  Did that bum me out? NOT IN THE LEAST! I got to run freakin’  BOSTON!

Live Your Life
Live Your Life

The weather was horrendous and I was freezing. Since my wave was wave 4, I was drenched at the start. I do not do cold weather well.  I did great time wise my first half and declined from there. The weather, head wind and hills at mile 17 were just too much.  But I had a BLAST! From kissing the guy on the cheek at Wellesley College, to high fiving little kids, to encouraging other runners, to pinching myself that I  was running the BOSTON FREAKING MARATHON! What a deal! How did I get here anyway? I got there by blood, sweat, tears, and perseverance and by never doubting “me.”  People can bring you down and attempt to make you feel like crap…don’t you DARE believe it for ONE minute!  Don’t you dare let anyone mess with your mind or mentally abuse you.  You are worth FAR more than that!  If you don’t get anything else out of this blog, get this…YOU MATTER!  LIFE MATTERS! Who you choose to spend time with…MATTERS!  Don’t you DARE let anyone bring you down!  You have a dream, a goal, a plan for your life…GO AFTER IT AND LEAVE THE NAYSAYERS IN THE DUST! That is all for now. Until We Meet Again, Stephanie

2 Thoughts

  1. Great post!!! You are absolutely right you can’t let others bring you down. It seems like we live in a society where everyone wants to see people fail. The people, like yourself who can block the haters out and continue to succeed are the ones that deserve to be at the top.

    1. Thanks Shaun. Sometimes it seems as if my best is never enough & people are always trying to find something wrong or the negative in a situation instead of living life & letting people be themselves.

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