“Ode to the Person Known as Me”

I’m compassionate,  Intelligent, and creative.

I’m valuable.

I’m passionate about life.

I am a caregiver by profession, a daughter, a sister, a mother , a good friend, a co-worker, a dog lover, a runner, and a very deep thinker.

I love to be silly, humor people, and make them smile.

Jamaican Gangsta wannabe
Jamaican Gangsta wannabe

Abuse of children, the elderly, and animals-those who can’t defend themselves…makes me incredibly sad.

I can put on overalls and a tool belt and get my hands dirty.

I can clothe myself in workout gear, shoot hoops, and drip with sweat and not care about my hair or makeup.

Sweaty & Loving It
Sweaty & Loving It

I can clean up, dress up, and be amazing.

A Dressy Occasion
A Dressy Occasion

At the end of the day, I can drink chocolate milk or a glass of wine (both through a straw if I want to), and be thoroughly content that how I lived my life that day was not in vain.

My age does not define me.

What others think or say about me does not define me.

My life is a gift.

I matter.

Born to Live an Incredible Life
Born to Live an Incredible Life

Until We Meet Again,


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